by Marc Dalmans

The meeting, during a journey by tram, between a young buck and an old lady. Between the buried desires of one and the nostalgia of the other, a bond is created. For in this strangely empty transport, without driver or any other passengers, the old lady tells the child the story of a friend who died not having realized his dreams. From this lesson of life, what will the adolescent remember?

16' - 35 mm - Color - Dolby SR

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Annie Cordy - La dame
Saïd Hammas - Le garçon


Jean-Sébastien Lopez
Marc Dalmans


Climax Films - Olivier Rausin


Big Bang Distribution (Distribution Benelux)



After experience as a production manager, director-in-chief, spotter, and first assistant director, Marc Dalmans directed his first short film Zartmo with Annie Cordy and Saïd Hammas in 2004.

Awards :
Laureate winner of the 'D’autres Regards' (Other Looks) competition, on Intercultural Dialogue, organized by the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo / Euromedcafé;;
The Meuter-Titra Short Film Award at the Mons International Love Film Festival;
Award of the European Parliament "Free Too Fly" at the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy;
Second Prize at the Children's Short Film Festival in Hamburg.