by Martin Provost

In 1912, German collector, Wilhelm Uhde, the first buyer of Picasso and the discoverer of Henri “le douanier” Rousseau; rents a flat in Senlis to write and take a break from Parisian life. He hires a 48-year old cleaning lady, Seraphine. Some time later, he notices a small painting on wood at a local notable home. He is stunned to learn that its author is Seraphine. A strong and unexpected relationship begins between the avant-garde art dealer and the visionary cleaning lady…

125' - 35mm - Color

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Yolande Moreau - Séraphine
Ulrich Tukur - Wilhelm


Marc Abdelnour
Martin Provost


TS Productions
Climax Films - Olivier Rausin


Olivier Rausin


Best Actress - Yolande Moreau

Best Actress - Yolande Moreau
Best Film
Best Writing Original - Marc Abdelnour and Martin Provost
Best Cinematography - Laurent Brunet
Best Music Written for a Film - Michael Galasso
Best Production Design - Thierry François
Best Costume Design - Madeline Fontaine

Nominated for Best Director - Martin Provost
Nominated for Best Sound - Emmanuel Croset, Ingrid Ralet and Philippe Vandendriessche

LAFCA Award Best Actress - Yolande Moreau

Best Actress - Yolande Moreau

Best Actor - Ulrich Tukur
Best Actress - Yolande Moreau
Best Director - Martin Provost
Best Film
Best Writing - Marc Abdelnour and Martin Provost

Nominated for Best Actress - Yolande Moreau

Nominated for Best Film

Nominated for Best Actress - Yolande Moreau


Yolande Moreau is amazing in Séraphine, inhabited and illuminated fantasy(...). Martin Provost's film is simple and touching, full of flowery sensitivity.


(...) A gentle, almost mystical incarnation, carried by Martin Provost's airy staging, which allows his plans to breathe a long time, like living pictures.


Portrait of an artist, this biopic revives, by the finesse of his approach, a difficult genre.


She (Séraphine) lives before our eyes again, we are astounded by the great poetry of Yolande Moreau's game, in this 'watercolour' film.



After a career as a theatre actor in Paris for which he left his home Bretagne, Martin Provost dedicated himself to writing and directing. He produced his own play, Le Voyage Immobile, in the early 80’s. Then he entered the Comédie Française as a trainee, where he stayed for 6 years. Followed by his second play, Les Poupées, and by Nous vivons tous dans un monde ou dans un autre. As a film actor, he played in Nea (1976) by Nelly Kaplan and La Zizanie by Claude Zidi. He directed two short movies J’ai peur du noir (1990) and Cocon (1993), before his first feature film Tortilla y Cinema (1997), followed by Le Ventre de Juliette (2003), addressing parents/kids issues, and Séraphine, whose lead character is played by Yolande Moreau.