by Andy Byatt & John Jackson

Beyond media hype, these climatic events raise crucial questions for society, nature, and our future. This series has been entirely filmed in 3D during a three-year period, by teams facing the damages provoked by devastating storms such as Sandy, Isaac, or Haiyan. The collaboration with a team of world-famous scientists leads us to a deep understanding of the deadly phenomenons called hurricanes.


Andy Byatt
Jérôme Julienne
John Jackson


Climax Films
Saint-Thomas Productions
TS Productions
Kizmar Films


Twenty Two - Olivier Rausin



Trained as an hydrogeologist, Andy Byatt is an awarded director who spent 18 years at the BBC Natural History Unit, where he directed serials such as The Blue Planet, episodes of Planet Earth and the international feature film The Blue Planet. Since he left the BBC to work solo, Andy Byatt spent 3 years on his boat sailing the seven seas. Thus he became familiar with tropical storms and the regions affected by this phenomenon.

The Blue Planet – Co-director (feature length documentary, 90 minutes)
The Blue Planet (serials) – Directs three episodes (8 x 50 minutes)
Planet Earth – Directs one episode (11 x 50 minutes)
Monsters We Meet – Producer (3 x 50 minutes)