by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Listening in to a conversation between his doctor and parents, 10-year-old Oscar learns what nobody has the courage to tell him. He only has a few weeks to live. Furious, he refuses to speak to anyone except straight-talking Rose, the lady in pink he meets on the hospital stairs. As Christmas approaches, Rose uses her fantastical experiences as a professional wrestler, her imagination, wit and charm to allow Oscar to live life and love to the full, in the company of his friends Pop Corn, Einstein, Bacon and childhood sweetheart Peggy Blue.

105' - 35mm - Color - Dolby SR

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Michèle Laroque - Rose
Amir Abdelmoumen - Oscar


Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt


Oscar Films - Olivier Rausin


Amir Ben Abdelmoumen nominated for Most Promising Actor Award


Every minute of the film becomes a wonder for the spectator but also an opportunity to salute this 'tragic destiny' skilfully staged.

Le Figaroscope

This tale of deliverance is a treasure of intelligence and of the heart ... A magnificent adventure.


Funny, moving, never foolish or sugary, this morbid adventure is a pleasant surprise to which one will only reproach his exaggerated Christian ideology.

La Croix

The filmpermits an impressive picture (...) of the young Amir, we are touched by the sensitivity and intelligence of his game.


Eric-Emmanuel SCHMITT

Within a decade, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt has become one of the most read and acted French-language authors in the world.

Born in 1960, he attended the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure where he was awarded a doctorate in Philosophy and the top French teaching qualification. Schmitt first made a name for himself in the theatre with The Visitor, a play that posits a meeting between Freud and – possibly – God; the work soon became a classic and is now part of international repertoire. Further successes quickly followed, including Enigma Variations, The Libertine, Between Worlds, Partners in Crime, My Gospels and Sentimental Tectonics. Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, his plays have won several Molières and the French Academy’s ‘Grand Prix du Théâtre’. His books have been translated into 43 languages, and more than 50 countries regularly perform his plays.

More recently, the four novellas that make up his Cycle de l’Invisible, a series of tales dealing with childhood and spirituality, have met with huge success both on stage and in the bookshops. These are Milarepa, Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran, Oscar and the Lady in Pink, Noah’s Child and "Le sumo qui ne pouvait pas grossir". Much of his literary career has been devoted to writing novels. An early novel, The Sect of the Egoists, was followed by novels of light, The Gospel According to Pilate, and shadows, The Alternative Hypothesis. Since then he has written When I was a Work of Art, a whimsical and contemporary version of the Faustus myth and My Life with Mozart, a strikingly original compilation of private correspondence with the Austrian composer. Two collections of short stories followed: Odette Toulemonde and other stories, eight tales about women in search of happiness inspired by his first film, and The Dreamer of Ostend, a wonderful tribute to the power of the imagination. In 2010 his third book of short stories, Concerto in Memory of an Angel, was awarded the prestigious Prix Goncourt de la Nouvelle (short story). Meanwhile, Ulysses from Bagdad, his latest novel, is a picaresque saga for our time that questions the human condition.

Encouraged by the international success of his first film Odette Toulemonde, he has adapted Oscar and the Lady in Pink for the screen, to reach cinemas in late 2009. A keen music-lover, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt has also translated into French The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni from the original Italian. His fertile imagination continues to open new doors and cast unusual reflections. Odette Toulemonde, the first motion picture he wrote and directed has been running on European screens in 2007.