by Jaco Van Dormael

Nemo is seven. Sometimes, he has premonitory dreams, but he doesn’t know if he should believe them. Life has an infinite gamut of possibilities for Nemo. Three little girls live in his street: Anna, Elisa and Jeanne. Which one to choose? Until he decides, everything is still possible. As his parents separate on a station platform, Nemo has to make a choice- an impossible choice which leaves Nemo’s life split into 2. The little boy finds himself propelled into a multiplicity of possible futures, in a chaotic universe where nothing happens by chance yet nothing is foreseeable. A world where the future is as unpredictable as the pattern of the curl of smoke made by a cigarette, a world in which the beating of a butterfly’s wings in Japan can trigger storms on the far side of the world.

160' - 35mm - Color - Dolby SR

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Jared Leto - Mr Nobody
Sarah Polley - Elise
Diane Krüger - Anna


Jaco Van Dormael


Pan-Européenne (FR)
Toto and Co (BE)
Chrystal Films
Somebody Produtions
Caviar Films
Intégral films GMBH
Lago Films


Olivier Rausin


Belga Films


Prix du Magritte du Meilleur Film
Prix du Magritte du Meilleur Réalisateur - Jaco Van Dormael
Prix du Magritte du Meilleur Scénario Original - Jaco Van Dormael
Prix du Magritte de la Meilleure Image - Christophe Beaucarne
Prix du Magritte du Meilleur Montage - Matyas Veress
Prix du Magritte de la Meilleure Musique Originale - Pierre Van Dormael

Nominé pour le meilleur son - Emmanuel de Boissieu, Frédéric Demolder et Dominique Warnier

Best Cinematography au Stockholm Film Festival
Nominé pour le Bronze Horse au Stockholm Film Festival

Prix du Meilleur Maquillage au Sitges-Catalonian International Film Festival
Nominé comme Meilleur Film au Sitges-Catalonian International Film Festival

Biografilm Award au Festival du Film de Venise
Golden Osella au Festival du Film de Venise

Nominé pour le Lion d'Or au Festival du Film de Venise

L'Ecran Fantastique

(...), the spectator cannot but be ecstatic about this dizzying human odyssey sublimated by the beautiful photography of Christophe Beaucarne

Télé 7 Jours

(...) a very original visual experience, full of cinematic references, and a complex film about choice, both public and poetic at the same time.


Jaco Van Dormael invites us into a feast of images and ideas, and the best coexistence of 'good and the less good' (...), a fascinating film director, (...) full of vision and innovative moments.


Mr. Nobody remains an elusive subject, as much by his qualities as by his faults. This is also why it deserves attention.



Jaco Van Dormael started his career after studies at INSAS (Brussels) and Louis Lumière (Paris) film schools. Initially a producer for kid’s theatre, he began directing in 1980 with a series of award-winning short fiction movies. He directed his first feature in 1991, Toto the Hero, which depicts a child’s universe.

In 1996, he directed The Eighth Day, about a man who has Down Syndrome: searching for his mother, alongside Daniel Auteuil. Both actors jointly received the Best Male Actor prize at the Cannes Festival.

After producing the play, Est-ce qu’on ne pourrait pas s’aimer un peu? (Couldn’t we love each other a little bit?), he directed Mr. Nobody (2009).