Les Emotifs Anonymes
(Romantics Anonymous)
by Jean-Pierre Améris

Jean-René, 35 years old, is the boss of a small chocolate factory of a dozen workers, successor of his father. For his employees, he is a distant, cold and mysterious man always avoiding direct contact, conflicts and social events. And yet, Jean-René lives in secret fear. Suffering from social phobia since always, he is terrified to speak in public, to answer the phone, to approach clients. He decides to hire an “efficient marketing person”: Angélique. She is 35 as well, professional, stern and confident looking. Yet, behind the mask, she is the exact opposite: an hyper emotive person suffering from social phobia as well and other troubles. There is a single place where Angélique can breath, can unburden herself: at the Romantics Anonymous. In the frame of his behavior therapy, Jean-René must do in vivo exercices. As he recognizes his feelings for Angélique, he has to seduce her. A performance he never achieved before with a woman, always remaining alone instead of confronting his fears. This time, he will try…

A great tandem of actors, reunited after 'Entre ses mains' ('In His Hands') in a blushing neurotic duo set in a chocolate factory.

80' - 35mm / Digital - Color - Dolby SRD

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Benoît Poelvoorde - Jean-René
Isabelle Carré - Angélique


Jean-Pierre Améris
Philippe Blasband




Studio Canal
France 3 Cinéma
Climax Films
Rhône-Alpes Cinéma
RTBF (Belgian television)


Big Bang Distribution (Benelux)
Studio Canal (International)


Prix du Magritte du Meilleur film étranger en coproduction

Nominé pour le César de la meilleure actrice - Isabelle Carré

Télé 7 Jours

With extreme sensitivity, here is a delicious comedy which, around an original and very serious theme, succeeds in the perfect alchemy of laughter and emotion.

Le Parisien

(...) a comedy with crazy charm, which seduces both by its ambition; its style paying homage to the Hollywood Golden Age, and its modesty.


Of the emerging romance between these two hypersensitive characters, Améris draws upon a charming fable (...)


" (...) Exciting performances by Isabelle Carré and Benoît Poelvoorde (...). The real success of this film owes much to their complicit sensitivity to the heart of each scene.


Jean-Pierre AMÉRIS

Jean-Pierre Améris (b. 1951 in Lyon, France) graduated from IDHEC and directed three short movies in 1987, amongst which Interim received the Grand Prix of Clermont-Ferrand Festival. In 1992, he directed his first feature, Le Bateau de Mariage, the story of a schoolteacher under french nazi occupation. It was selected in several international film festivals and was awarded the Youth prize at the Tübingen Festival.

Then Jean-Pierre Améris directed several fictions and documentaries before Les Aveux de l’Innocent who got several awards at Canne’s Festival in 1996 : Prix de la Semaine de la critique, Prix de la Jeunesse and Grand Rail d'or. Five years later, C’est la Vie was awarded the Silver Shell at the San Sebastián Festival and the Golden Star at the International Film Festival of Marrakech.

In 2008, Maman est Folle is awarded four prizes, including the Grand Prix of La Rochelle Festival and, in 2009, receives the Prize of the best TV Movie given by the French Syndicate of Film Critics.