by Jean-Frédéric "Jules" EERDEKENS

Georges received a very easy plan to get a 72-carat jewel. He asks Ben to organize the robbery. The latter teamed up with two other professionals, Jo and Karl.

They had just left the jeweller's house, when the embarrassment begins. Ben tries to understand, but can make nothing of the problem: our three robbers are arrested an hour later by the local mafia, and it is discovered that the diamond is fake.

We then relive the robbery through the eyes of the other two robbers. In every version, the diamond always ends up being fake, in a manner that is inexplicable!

A series of absurd situations await these amateurs who are not on the same page. Furthermore, our three friends are very far from being expert thieves that they claim to be.

15' - 35 mm - Couleur - Dolby SR


Olivier Bony - Ben
François Maniquet - Jo
Jan Hammenecker - Karl


Jean-Frédéric "Jules" Eerdekens


Climax Films - Olivier Rausin


Stéphane Quinet


Big Bang Distribution


© Marianne Grimont

Jean-Frédéric "Jules" EERDEKENS

Institut National Superieur des Arts du Spectacle (INSAS) - Graduated from the Cinematography Production section in 2004.

Screenplay/ Production

2003 - Le Couloir (The Corridor) (CM d’école)

2004 - Choix Multiples (Multiple Choice) (CM de fin d’études)
• Nov 2004 - Best Short Film Award and Be TV Award at the 10/10 Media Festival in Namur
• Feb 2005 - Prize for best achievement at the 'Première Regard' festival in Boulogne-Billancourt
• Feb 2005 - Short Film Festival of Charleroi
• Mar 2005 – Belgian Film Festival of Moustier
• Apr 2005 - Grand Prize of the jury and Public Prize at the International Short Film Festival (One night too short) of Grenoble
• Apr 2005 - 'Illumenation', European Film-school festival, Helsinki
• Apr 2005 - Audience Award, at the International Short Film Festival of Cergy-Pontoise
• May 2005 - Brussels Short Film Festival
• June 2005 - Selected by the "Foreign School Award" at the Academy of Oscars
• July 2005 - Audience Award at the Sabadell Festival, Spain
• Aug 2005 - Alet-les-Bains Short Film Festival 'Ciné Sans Filet', France
• Sept 2005 - Morbegno Film Festival, Italy
• Oct 2005 - International Film Festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue (Québec), video area
• Oct 2005 – Award for 'best screenplay' at the Film Festival of Ecole de Huy
• Nov 2005 - International Short Film Festival 'No Words', Bolzano, Italy
• Nov 2005 – Awarded at the International Student Film & TV Festival, Beijing, China
• Jan 2006 – Selected at the Max Ophülspreis Festival, Saarbrücken, Germany
• July 2006 – Best Film and Director Award at the SalentoFinibusTerrae Festival, Brindisi, Italy
• Available on DVD with Studio Magazine of Feb 2006
• 2007 - Screened as part of the Salento tour, in some fifteen Italian cities

2009 - Les Amateurs (CM)
• 2009 - Press Award at the Short Film Festival of Namur Media 10/10/p>

2009 - Making of 'Mr Nobody' by Jaco Van Dormael

2009 - Making of 'Oscar and the Rose Lady' by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt