by Bernard Werber & Sébastien Douin

A series of strange murders: men in black kill men in white, and vice versa.
A detective duo, Isidore and Lucretius, as strange as these crimes, is conducting the investigation.
Could all this adventure be a human game? Who is the master of this game?

16' - 35 mm - Color - Dolby SR


Jean-Christophe Barc - Isidore
Julia Masini - Lucrèce


Bernard Weber


Climax Films - Olivier Rausin


109 Films Production
Buf Compagnie


Big Bang Distribution (Distribution Benelux


Bernard WERBER

After studying law and criminology, Bernard Werber devoted himself to a career as a science journalist until 1990, where he studied at the INA as a screenwriter.

The following year, he published his first novel, Les Fourmis (The Ants), on which he worked since his adolescence. Combining fantastic adventure and scientific facts, the book has enjoyed worldwide success.

His subsequent novels have been placed regularly on the list of best sellers, thus assuring him a place in the medium.

Tempted for a long time by the cinema, he decides to realize 'La Reine de Nacre', a short film co-directed with Sébastien Drouin, featuring two recurring characters in his novels.

While pursuing his literary career, he rekindles the experience in 2003 with 'Our Friends the Humans', where he describes human habits from the point of view of extraterrestrials.

It is by taking up this idea that he goes on to the feature film in 2007 with 'Nos amis les Terriens' (Our Friends the Earthlings), produced by Claude Lelouch.

Sébastien DROUIN

2007 - Babylon AD by Mathieu Kassovitz (director; second team in New York)

2006 - Spare Parts - Short film (director, producer, screenwriter, editor and special effects supervisor)

Imagina Selection 2007 - Opening Star Effects 2006 - Cloture Valloire 2007

Special Jury Prize; Valencienne 2007 - Special Jury Prize; Mamers 2007

Award for Best Director and Best Actor Award; Cap d'agde 2007

Best Digital Video Award; Arcipelago Rome 2007

Award for Best Production; Aubagne 2007

Grand Prix Meetings of Courbevoie, 2007

Selection; New York Police Film Festival, October 2007

2000 - La Reine de Nacre- short film (co-director, editor, and supervisor of special effects)

Selected in forty French and foreign festivals

1999 - Place du Mort - short film (director, co-producer, editor, co-writer)

Grand Prix Short Film Cognac 2000 - Grand Prix Alet les bains, 2000

Grand Prix Beauvais 1999 - Grand Prix Gruissant 2000

2000 Méridien Interpretation Award - Grand Prix Rousset 1999

Award for Best Director; Cap d'agde 2007

Award for Best Comedian; Cap d'agde 2007

Grand Prize of the Prix du Public (People's Choice Award); Marignane 2007

Nomination for Audience Award; Aubagne 1999

1997 - Dust City - short film in synthetic-image (director)

Grand Prize and CST Award for Best Soundtrack

Imagina 1997

Grand Prize Artfutura; 1997

Selection Siggraph; Los Angeles 1997

1995 - E.M.I - short film (director, screenwriter, editor and co-producer)

1995 - NOE 17 - Short film in synthetic-image (director)

Audience Award and Best Picture Prize; Brussels Infographic Festival 95