by André Buytaers

The hunting of truffles, as it is practiced in Italy, is a matter of secrets, and mutual trust as well. The discovery of this mushroom is a unique moment even for those who know how to pick it. In revealing the earth and the humus, appears the simple history of two beings: a man, Fred and a woman, Christine. Two fragile 40-year-olds, who meet at a difficult time in their life, when they both have to learn about loss and rupture. This particular summer, everyone decided to put their life in suspension, in the holiday home of Bruno, in Monte Castello, in Umbria ...

43' - HDV - Couleur - Dolby 5.1.



Benoît Verhaert - Fred
Catherine Wilkening - Christine


André Buytaers, d'après une nouvelle de Vincent Engel


Climax Films - Olivier Rausin


Asmodée Edern - Vincent Engel


Big Bang Distribution (Distribution Benelux)



André Buytaers studied film and television production, at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD), and journalism at the Institut de la Maison de la Presse..

He has been a television director at the RTBF since 1982. In particular, he produces cultural news programs and then creates new film programs for the RTBF, including "Coup de film" and "Nickelodeon". He writes and produces documentary fictions: For a handful of Polar (1986), The treasures of the Cinémathèque (1989).

He also devoted himself to the design and production of "Making of" for Belgian cinema, including "Toto le Héros" by Jaco Van Dormael.

At the beginning of the nineties, he followed the "Frank Daniel Script Workshop" in Bergen, and the 'scenario stages' of Yves Lavandier.

In 1994, he wrote with Alain Scoff the fictional project Tv Airliners. In the same year, the AIDS Prevention Agency and the RTBF entrusted him with a short fiction film: In Latex Veritas.

In 1997, he moved on to feature-length television fiction and directed an episode of Quai N ° 1 entitled Le Père Fouettard. He connects with The heart like no other.

Between 2000 and 2004, André Buytaers collaborated with RTBF's major news magazine "L'hebdo". In particular, he directed a documentary about the director Franco Dragone: Franco Made His Circus.

In 2005, he developed the screenplay for a feature film with Stefan Liberski: Su Santu.

In 2007, he directed a documentary on Sicily by the Italian writer Andrea Camilleri: Camilleri Alla Siciliana

In 2008, a medium-length film La Chasse aux Truffes

From 2009 to 2011, writing of the feature Pianissimo with Vincent Engel and Luc Jabon. Work on the script Back to Tirana by Luc Jabon and writing a docu-fiction: Longitude.

André Buytaers chaired the Belgian SACD Committee (2009-2011 term) and is currently co-president of the Association of Film Directors (ARRF).