by Teona S. Mitevska

We are three sisters: Sapho, Slavica and me. Sapho is the youngest, she has the modern day disease- seeing many men just to avoid being alone, or at least to escape from this horrible country.

Me, Afrodita, I am her twin sister; born before her. I don’t talk.

Slavica, our elder sister, is 35 and has been seeking Methadone treatment for 9 years. She is fine. Together we take care of the house.

We live in Titov Veles. There is a lead factory that Tito had built- it pollutes everything. I live in a community that is slowly dying, and I wonder when my turn will come. Our parents aren’t here- well, our father died right after our Mother left. Now it’s Sapho’s turn to leave. She spends most Mondays waiting outside the Greek embassy in Skopje. She says she’s almost there.

102' - 35mm - Color - Dolby SR


Labina Mitevska - Afrodita
Ana Kostovska - Sapho
Nikolina Kujaca - Slavica


Teona S. Mitevskat


Climax Films - Olivier Rausin


Silkroad Production
Entre Chien et Loup
Sisters and Brother Mitevski Production


Olivier Rausin


Big Bang Distribution


Special Jury Prize

Silver Caméra 300 - Virginie Saint-Martin

Best Director - Teona Strugar Mitevska
Grand Prize - Teona Strugar Mitevska

Special Mention - Best Film

Best Actress - Labina Mitevska
Special Jury Award - Teona Strugar Mitevska

Cahier du Cinéma

(...) Teona Mitesva, by her sense of framing, by her constant attention to reflections, by her knowledge of science, and by her profound taste of the abyss, becomes a filmmaker to follow.


(...) I Am Titov Veles is undeniably, close to a masterpiece. It speaks of existential life, without ever leaving its bag of tricks; like a snake or a rabbit. Hats off, Miss Mitevska.

Le Figaroscope

Endearing characters caught in a subtle atmosphere of reverie and charm.

20 Minutes

(...) This chronicle flirts with the fantastic and reveals touching characters.



Originally from Macedonia, Teona Mitevska studied in the USA and first came to attention as a graphic designer. She started directing films in 1998 with short movies and two features: How I Killed a Saint and I am from Titov Veles, multi-award-winning and critically acclaimed movies that explore the wounds of the former Yugoslavian republics.

Born in Skopje in the republic of Macedonia, Teona Strugar Mitevska worked as an actress for TV, advertisements and theatre as a child. She graduated from high school in NYC and then studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia (AIPL), working in the design department for commercial and advertisement agencies as well as the Philadelphia Opera. She graduated in 1994 and was nominated for the Best Portfolio of the year.

In 1996, her work was rewarded with a national nomination at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. She shifted toward cinema in 1998, starting a Masters of Fine Arts in the cinema department of the Tisch School of Arts, at the New-York University (NYU). The same year she wrote and directed Why is Betty Boom angry?, a 4-minute movie in 16 mm.

In 2000, she co-wrote and directed Veta, a short movie supported by the Macedonian film commission and Kodak International. The critical success put her on track to her first feature: How I Killed a Saint which was released in 2004 and was awarded numerous prizes at the Rotterdam, Valencia and Sarajevo film festivals. She carried on her political and social exploration of the former Yugoslavian countries with her second feature I am from Titov Veles.