by Isabelle Rey

A sensitive portrait in the life of a library of a primary school in Brussels; Histoire de Lire tells us the discovery of the pleasure of reading by children, time after time. Or how, thanks to an imaginative librarian who knows how to transmit their own pleasure, today's children penetrate the world of books with passion. A story that should be banal and yet, is not ordinary. This film is the result of a very strong desire of the director, Isabelle Rey, to transmit the passion of reading by showing its birth: "Because, from childhood, I tasted the happiness to read, and I never looked back, because reading offered me worlds that I had never known elsewhere, in which I think it fundamental in the learning of life. I wanted to convey this passion." (Isabelle Rey)

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Véronique Bruyndonckx
Les enfants de l'école J.J. Michel à Saint-Gilles


Isabelle Rey


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Isabelle REY

Born in 1963 in Geneva, Isabelle Rey left Switzerland to study in the "Stage-Theater" section of the INSAS (Institut Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle) in Brussels, where she graduated in 1989.

Since then, she has been sailing between the theatre and film, and has staged several shows: En route pour la Mer Noire (Towards the Black Sea), Femmes en Saintes, (Female Sainthood), Oh My God! (My homage to the cinema), etc., and has written several pieces, published by Lansman in the collection "La scène aux Ados" in 2007.

She has also been assistant to the director of Xavier Lukomski, has given dramatic interpretation courses and animated theatre workshops with teenagers.

In cinema, she has been an assistant director on long and short films since 1992.

In 2007 she realized her first documentary, Histoire de Lire (History of Reading), on the discovery of the pleasure of reading by children.

Followed in 2011 by Passé Composé (Past Compendium/Perfect Tense), a film about heritage and family memory.