Climax Films - C'est Notre Pays pour toujours

by Marie-Hélène Massin

"We in Morocco, at least in Tangier, are told: 'Beware of three things: sea, fire and politics. Three things. And even when you're all alone, do not talk about politics. ' "
(Noredine, a resident of St Gilles.)

n recent years, representatives of Maghreb, have claimed their participation in power. In Saint-Gilles, as in other communes in Brussels, on the occasion of the communal elections, some of them presented themselves for the first time on the different lists of the traditional parties, with their demands and their expectations.
From meetings and debates, these questions about social cohesion and democracy, find their basis.

52' - DV CAM (supp tournage) / Beta - DVD (supp diff) - Color - Stéréo


Marie-Hélène Massin


Climax Films - Olivier Rausin


RTBF (Télévision belge)
ARTE Belgique
Centre de l’Audiovisuel à Bruxelles (CBA)


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Marie-Hélène MASSIN

Marie-Hélène Massin studied at the National Higher Insitute for the Performing Arts and Broadcasting Techniques (NHIPABT) and was mainly interested in the documentary genre, in particular, And if we Did it Without the Bosses (1978), Grosso Modo (1982), Abundance Street (1995), The Burgomaster (1997), Little Girls (1999), It is our Country Forever! (2002).

She also directed Voyage, a short fiction film in 1987 and Small Disorders in 2001.

Since 1979, she has also worked for the audiovisual sector of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in the field of communication and information.