by Ariel Zeïtoun

Angélique de Sancé lives far away from the splendors of Paris and the court. Contemporary with Louis XIV, chance events lead her life on the path of the King. By foiling a plot, she appears as a menace to the conspirators. After being cloistered in a convent, she is married against her will to Geoffrey de Peyrac, the most powerful man of Lauguedoc, whose strong mind eventually have her give in. However, the growing ties between the King and Peyrac herald a great danger. A downward spiral unfolds for Angélique.

112' - Digital - Color - Dolby SR

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Nora Arnezeder - Angélique
Gérard Lanvin - Joffrey de Peyrac
Tomer Sisley - Philippe de Plessis-Bellière
Mathieu Kassovitz - Nicolas / Calembredaine


Nadia Goloubinoff
Philippe Blasband
Ariel Zeïtoun
From the book of Anne and Serge Golon


A.J.O.Z. Films - Ariel Zeïtoun


Climax Films - Olivier Rausin


Big Bang Distribution
Belga Films (Benelux)
EuropaCorp (International)


Does the film, in theatres on December 18, add anything to the meaning of the myth of Angelique ? (...) Yes it does."

Culturebox - France Télévisions

Can we replace Michele Mercier in this emblematic role? Nora Arnezeder, is absolutely perfect, renewing the disturbing sensuality of the original, by indulging visibly in pleasure. Ariel Zeitoun manages to recreate the sensual eroticism that inhabited the original film.

Le Parisien

At 24, Nora Arnezeder raises the bar with charm and temperament.


Ariel Zeitoun, in his own right, attacks the adaptation of Angelique, marquise of the angels, (...). with pleasant surprise, his interpretation takes on a youthful energy. (...)This is a film of 'cape and sword', revisited in the third millennium. Why complain about this gratification?



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