by Kristoph Tassin

As Europe attempts to deal with the worse economic crisis of all times and is besieged by unprecedented migration waves, the elections of its first president approach.
The life of an ordinary man Livio Gentili (35), is changed forever when he realizes he has become the prime suspect in a series of terror attacks that hits the continent.
Christine Debaecke (33), a bright analyst who works for the European intelligence, is assigned to find Livio and have him arrested and killed for being the most dangerous terrorist in Europe.
As Christine gets involved in the electoral campaign, she understands how the European Intelligence Agency can manipulate the public opinion but above all she discovers that an unknown minority lives among us and controls our lives. Its very members often don’t know they’re part of it until the moment comes for them to act. Could she too belong to that minority without knowing it? What purpose is she actually serving?
And what about Livio? Is he really one of them or is he just a pawn in their game?


Kristoph Tassin
Pierpaolo Cortesi
Giovanni Robbiano


Climax Films - Olivier Rausin


Fi-Lab Productions


Kristoph Tassin

Kristoph Tassin started working as a director and writer in high emotional impactenvironmentsdirecting short films, documentaries and music videos in conflict areas : in 1994 he was in Sarajevo, in 1999 in Kosovo and in 2003 in Iraq.
He later lived between Milan and Barcelona where he directed advertisements, music videos and started working in television. From 2009, he was one of the directors of Squadra Antimafia(Mediaset), one the most watched TV series in Italy. In 2015he also startedcollaborating with several Italian production companies as a freelance author and creative producer. His works have been in the official selection of festivals such as Torino Film Festival, San Paolo and Sitges.